Minnetonka Cally Slippers

Minnetonka Cally Slippers

If you are a fan of moccasins and the sock-like comfort they provide, then the Minnetonka Cally may be a faithful pleasure for you. Great for those after a lightweight but a torrid option that will work on multiple surfaces and won’t deteriorate on concrete and overall outdoor use either, this model is an update of a style that’s been a favorite for years. With 9 color options, you can choose between classic tans and browns, or go with something more colorful that’ll allow you to show off your personal style.


Exceptional on most house slippers, the Cally features a lace closure that goes around the entire foot and ensures a comfortable and secure fit. This is particularly important for those with narrow feet who find several houses too wide, as well as for those who walk a lot and to spend less time adjusting their footwear.


The soft suede upper of the Cally is just the right alternative of flexibility and protection, while a pile lining keeps you warm. The thin rubber outsole is lightweight, but still more durable than what you’d get from traditionary moccasins.


This is a model that’s averagely priced, but can often be found on sale, which is when it’s the best bargain you can get. With a price that’s affordable to anyone and practicality that you rarely get out of this type of slipper, you will fall in love with the Cally making you want to win it in every possible color.



key features:

  • Soft Suede Upper
  • Pile Lining
  • Adjustable Lace Closure
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber Outsole

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