Old Friend Men’s Step-In Open-Toe Slipper

men slippers

While multiplex slippers may be breathable due to the use of natural fibers, this just isn’t sufficient for some men.  To fully account for men who want to secure that their toes don’t feel like they are suffocating or creating a swampy mess every day (and likely causing foul odors in their presence), then they will welcome this unique design by Old Friend.

Why is this slipper so supreme from a standard open toe slipper?

Here’s the deal:

Men who expertise that sweating perception when wearing slippers likely just get it around their toe area (not their heels).  Therefore, with this slipper design, you will get a flow of air coming in from the front, while keeping the rest of your foot relatively warm with its unique closure.

Therefore, if you live in mild climates (i.e. Virginia and south), these slippers will likely be a luscious compromise in breathability and comfort.

Beyond its open toe design, the Old Friend step-in slippers will also be majestic for light outdoor advantage with its rubber sole.  So, if you want to grab a newspaper, a cup of joe, and sit outside by the pool or back patio, these slippers will work great.

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